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Fort Lauderdale CrossFit Muscle Farm


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Fort Lauderdale Crossfit MuscleFarm

CrossFit Muscle Farm was Founded in 2011, We are a CrossFit Gym in Fort Lauderdale that focuses on individualized Strength training and Conditioning. We offer two convenient locations and our programs are open to all fitness levels. From the competitive athlete to those who have never exercised before, our professional coaches are ready to bring out the best in you.

Fort Lauderdale Crossfit MuscleFarm


CrossFit Muscle Farm offers a fitness program designed for all ages and skill levels, which combines a variety of functional movements that help to achieve the ultimate level of fitness. Starting CrossFit is easy, and anyone can begin regardless of his or her athletic background. If you’re wondering why functional movements are so important, just think of something as simple as getting out of bed, standing up from a chair, or picking up a bag of groceries from the floor. These simple tasks can become more difficult as we get older.

All of the movements we do in CrossFit are functional, which means they condition and enable you to do everyday activities and movements with ease and efficiency. Think of a deadlift as picking up a bag of groceries from the floor, or a squat as standing up from a chair, and a press as setting something inside your cupboard. Every movement we do at CrossFit serves a real-life purpose in your everyday movements. If we strengthen our bodies through CrossFit conditioning, we’re contributing to maintaining an increased quality of life as we age.

A CrossFit Gym, or box, is not your average gym. Community is the most important aspect of CrossFit and at Muscle Farm we make sure that old and new members are embraced into our fitness family. Our coaches are friendly, driven and always excited to work with new athletes






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