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We currently serve two CrossFit locations in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area.

Beginners always welcome!

Musclefarm CrossFit in Miami and Fort Lauderdale has taken the fitness community by storm in recent years.  A workout regimen of only one hour that actually works.  CrossFit works because it can be scaled to fit anyone’s level of fitness.  Whether you’re a former athlete, or someone who has never worked out a day in your life, CrossFit can be tailored to your needs.  Anyone can do CrossFit even, Grandma! That’s right, when we say anyone, we mean ANYONE.  Obviously your grandmother won’t be pushing around heavy barbells, but she will still be doing squats, presses, deadlifts, bodyweight movements and more.  The beauty of CrossFit is that every person doing CrossFit, regardless of their skill level, can work side by side with each other, doing the same workout at their own pace. This is why CrossFit is such a growing phenomenon. Here at CrossFit Muscle Farm we have experienced and  highly qualified trainers that will lead you every step of the way.  They will show you step by step how to get started, and will help you transform your routine to get the results you’ve always wanted. We have multiple locations serving Fort Lauderdale and Downtown Miami. Send us an email or call today to get started.  Come in and try a free class.  We know once you do, you’ll be hooked!

#twinsies!!! Check out this #gunshow!!! #crossfitcouple Tricia and Jake!!! Looking good guys!!! Couples that train together, stay together!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!! #cfmf #wegohard #crossfit #crossfitcommunityHappy hump day!!! How many of our members feel like this on a daily basis??? How many of you can't sleep until @musclefarmyandy posts the wod??? #crossfitproblems #crossfitlife #cfmf #crossfitcommunity #lifestyle #fitlife #crossfitters #doyoueven
High intensity rowing today at 6pm!!! Get your cardio on! #crossfit #rowing #getinshapeATTENTION MEMBERS!!! Oly classes in Fort Lauderdale cancelled this week. Regular schedule will resume next week. Thank you!!! #oly #cfmf #crossfit #update #schedulechange #keeplifting
Absolutely!!! Said by one of the greatest athletes of all time!!! If MJ can accept failure, what's your excuse??? Trying and failing is worse than NOT TRYING!!! Get moving!!! #fitlife #crossfit #pushyourself #crossfitcommunity #setgoals #believe #workhardsuckless #cfmf #wegohardBIIIIIIG NEWS!!! We'd like to congratulate our very own @crossfitmusclefarm coach and owner, @socrates996 and his wife @fabi25 on the news of their soon to be future #crossfitter!!! They are expecting a new arrival this January!!! Congratulations and much love to you both from your #crossfitfam!!!! #cfmfbaby #lilsoc crossfitbaby ❤️
Bring a friend to our partner workouts. #crossfitisbetterinpairs #crossfitfriendsHERE IT IS!!! On Aug 9th @crossfitmusclefarm will be hosting an in-house competition!!! This event will be geared towards athletes new to crossfit and those interested in getting their feet wet in the #crossfitcomp environment. There will be one division for males and females. 3 WODS for each division. Standards and registration details can be found at www.cityfitness.net/events. This event will be open to both #cfmf locations, as well as to #newbies from other area boxes. Following the event there will be at BBQ/social at our #fortlauderdale location. #byob and bring any food, friends, and family!!! We'd love to have our #crossfitfam join us for a great day of competition and fun!!! (Both boxes will be closed for the day). Comment with any questions!!! #wegohard #crossfitcommunity #workhard #playhard #teauvment #crossfitlife #boxlife #wodlife #lifestyle

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