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Musclefarm CrossFit in Miami and Fort Lauderdale has taken the fitness community by storm in recent years.  A workout regimen of only one hour that actually works.  CrossFit works because it can be scaled to fit anyone’s level of fitness.  Whether you’re a former athlete, or someone who has never worked out a day in your life, CrossFit can be tailored to your needs.  Anyone can do CrossFit even, Grandma! That’s right, when we say anyone, we mean ANYONE.  Obviously your grandmother won’t be pushing around heavy barbells, but she will still be doing squats, presses, deadlifts, bodyweight movements and more.  The beauty of CrossFit is that every person doing CrossFit, regardless of their skill level, can work side by side with each other, doing the same workout at their own pace. This is why CrossFit is such a growing phenomenon. Here at CrossFit Muscle Farm we have experienced and  highly qualified trainers that will lead you every step of the way.  They will show you step by step how to get started, and will help you transform your routine to get the results you’ve always wanted. We have multiple locations serving Fort Lauderdale and Downtown Miami. Send us an email or call today to get started.  Come in and try a free class.  We know once you do, you’ll be hooked!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! Join us tonight at 7:30 for the announcement of 15.1 to kick off the 2015 CrossFit Games Open!!! We will be watching the live stream from the gym. Bring any snacks and drinks you'd like and let's get this part started!!! 7:30 classes are cancelled tonight!!! Have you signed up for the open??? #cfmf #crossfit #games #2015open #crossfitcommunity #lifestyle #fraservsfroning #fitlife #watchparty #15.1 #areyoureadyBetter late than never! This past weekend several athletes and coaches from @teammusclefarm @teammusclefarmdt and @TEAMMUVMENT competed in the @doralchampionship. For most this was their first weightlifting meet. And we are proud to say that both our men's and women's teams took first place!!! It was a very successful weekend for all of our athletes. Your #cfmf coach @crossfitdogwalker took first place in the 63kg weight class with PRs in both lifts and the 2nd highest women's sinclair total. And your coach @musclefarmyandy took home a bronze behind two world class athletes and he also qualified for senior nationals. CONGRATS TO ALL OF OUR ATHLETES AND TO COACH @pabloroman02 for winning the Best Coach Award!!! A kick ass weekend for Team Musclefarm!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to support this event and our athletes!!! #cfmf #teammusclefarm #weightlifting #success #demandmoreofyourself #liftalltheweights #oly #olympiclifting #snatch #clean #barbellclub #compete #pr #whatmuvsyou #teammuvment
NEWWWW SHIIIIIIRTS ARE IN!!! Get your @teammusclefarm baseball tees!!! Available NOW in Fort Lauderdale!!! #cfmf #musclefarm #newgear #baseball #tees #hot #buyonenow #repyourbox #repyouream #teammuvment #muvment #whatmuvsyou @teammuvmentDon't forget!!! This Sat @teammusclefarm and @crossfitconquest will be holding a FREE toe 2 bar and pull-up clinic at Conquest Athletics in FTL. The clinic is from 11-1 and is OPEN TO ANYONE!!! Details in the flyer!!! See you Sat!!! #valentinesday #gymnasty #free #clinic #cfmf #conquest #crossfit #crossfitcommunity #fitlife #fitfam #vday #noexcuses
FOLLOW OUR VERY OWN IN HOUSE CHIROPRACTOR @chirojay to get tips on spine health and longevity in the sport of fitness.
Chiropractic Tip 101: Chiropractors DO NOT crack your backs.... We ADJUST spines!!! #chiropractic #getadjusted #crossfit #chirolife #healfromwithin #holistichealer #prevention #fasterrecoveryIt's here!!!! @doralchampionship is this weekend at Crossfit Doral. We have several athletes and coaches competing on both days. Make sure to come out and support @teammusclefarm @teammusclefarmdt @teammuvment. For a lot of our athletes this will be their first olympic weightlifting meet. If you've never seen an oly meet this is a great opportunity. Come cheer on our teams as we try to win the best team award!!!
Wishing a very happy birthday to this amazing woman!!! Most of you probably know her as @musclefarmyandy 's mom or @pabloroman02 's wife...but she's much more than that. She's one of the biggest supporters of everything @teammusclefarm and @teammusclefarmdt. At 48 she does #crossfit and #pumpfit everyday!!! She makes sure the gym is always in order. And she's at every event supporting our athletes. Thank you for everything you do for us "mama"!!! Feliz cumpleanos!!! ❤️ #cfmf #crossfitmama #madre #noexcuses #happybirthday #eatcake #enjoy #youdeserveit@teammusclefarm barbell club cancelled this Friday Feb 6. Sorry for the inconvenience. Come watch your team participate in the @doralchampionship this weekend.

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